VSP Individual Vision Plans - Back to School

New online tool to help you offer individual vision plans from VSP Vision Care.

VSP Individual Vision Plans Broker Training | 2017

Thank You for registering to sell VSP Individual Vision Plans. These plans help you retain clients and round out their healthcare package. How does this benefit you? Those who purchase VSP Individual Vision Plans average an 85% renewal rate, according to our data! Act today! This course provides you a solid foundation for evaluating and presenting the best VSP solutions to your clients. This course is free, takes less than 20 minutes to complete, and is completely online, so you can access it from your desk, laptop, tablet, or phone. Take the final step in your VSP registration process today. (Note: Registration takes about 4 - 6 days to process. Once you receive email notification of approval and your unique marketing link, you can begin to sell.) Click the link above to get started.

VSP Individual Vision Plans Training